Where in the World Can We Put Engineering?

August 2016 | by Mark Cote

Our InSite team has exhaustively studied the global markets, trends, and where companies are opening engineering locations.

Why Colin Greenhalgh Is the Coolest Guy In the World

Why Colin Greenhalgh Is the Coolest Guy In the World

August 2016 | by Blake Orvis

During my internship, I watched as our brokers worked to not only give their clients the best deals & work places possible, but to make these spaces alternative. By helping start-ups maximize their real estate footage while also satisfying their constant and future growth has allowed me to understand what alternative work styles are. I provided brokers with informational decks and research that allowed brokers to analyzing the different factors and costs that go into signing a lease that best suits both parties.


T3 Launches Palo Alto Studio

June 2016 | by David Bergeron

We celebrated the launch of our Palo Alto Studio with a fabulous party on Thursday, April 21st. Thanks to all of you who came out to join us! The night was truly a dream come true for us. When we first started coming out to the Bay Area five years ago thinking about the idea […]


Exploring Alternative Work Styles

June 2016 | by Maria DeFiglio

Many companies are exploring alternative work styles (AWS) as a way to increase their density without increasing their real estate footage. As a result, we have been seeing a lot of curiosity and questions regarding AWS, and how a company could successfully implement an AWS program.


The Global Entrepreneurial Spirit

June 2016 | by Roy Hirshland

In 2014, I had the honor of being named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. This experience continues as I connect with other former CEO EOY winners from around the world. On May 25th I had the unique opportunity to speak to over one hundred CEOs from the EY EOY program who were visiting Boston from Ireland.