T3 Advisors Blog Series: Locating Your San Francisco Headquarters

July 2014

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to establish a new workplace in San Francisco, you know that there are a lot of factors to consider: What does your growth plan look like? How will this translate to the square footage you will need to ensure you don’t run out of space in 6 months? […]


How to Approach Your Global Location Real Estate Strategy

May 2014

Each year, global companies make major investments in their overseas locations. From Eastern Europe to India to South America, there are complex and critical business decisions related to doing business in each location that require an in-depth understanding of not only the culture and availability of skilled talent of each of these locations but also […]


The T3 Cambridge Tech Tenant Real Estate Report

May 2014

T3 Advisors is excited to bring you the latest edition of the T3 Advisors’ Tech Tenant Report! This time around, we’re featuring the Cambridge Squares. We’re also thrilled to feature this report on VentureFizz, the go-to resource for the Boston/Cambridge technology community. So what is it? T3 Advisors has prepared this Tech Tenant Report for tech companies considering a […]


Generational Differences in the High Performance Workplace

April 2014

Fact: Change – both personally and professionally – is really hard. As I travel speaking with business leaders about their workplaces and how our work environments should complement and foster company culture and brand, change management is always a key concern, especially as it relates to generational differences in the workplace. Being an effective leader […]


T3 Advisors Blog Series: Sublease vs. Direct Lease

March 2014

Welcome back to T3’s Startup Blog Series! This topic is one that we are always talking about with clients: Should we sublease a space or go with a direct lease? What are the pros and cons? In the resource below, we cover our thoughts that include considerations such as: Timeframes Relationships Budget What has your […]