T3 attends the MassEcon Venture Capital Roundtable

Yesterday I attended the MassEcon Venture Capital Roundtable- which provided further insight into the startup and venture capital markets. 

“Risk is being re-calibrated” said Jon Karlen of Flybridge Capital Partners. 

“It’s harder to raise money for investments but those investments that are being made, are being made with a much higher level of scrutiny and due diligence.  Hot investments today have more to do with “tangible products” according to CEO and Founder of MassChallenge, John Harthorne. 

Startups that can prove they have customers willing to pay for their product are more likely to get funded, examples include recent winners of the MassChallenge business competition.  The roundtable concluded with how Massachusetts can keep startups in the state; access to top-tier universities and talent, state and local funding for new and growing companies and free or low-cost innovation space, are at the core of the states competitive advantage. 


T3 Advisors News

March 28th, 2014

Rimi Chakraborty Promoted to Senior Vice President at T3 Advisors

March 19, 2014 - T3 Advisors, a global real estate consulting firm, is pleased to announce the promotion of Rimi Chakraborty to senior vice president. In her new role, Rimi will focus on business and product development on behalf of T3’s Global Solutions Group. An expert in strategic real estate planning with in-depth knowledge of the financial impact of corporate real estate transactions, Rimi will continue to add immense value for T3’s clients as they seek to optimize t

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Thought Leadership Blog

March 31st, 2014

T3 Advisors Blog Series: Sublease vs. Direct Lease

Welcome back to T3’s Startup Blog Series! This topic is one that we are always talking about with clients: Should we sublease a space or go with a direct lease? What are the pros and cons?  In the resource below, we cover our thoughts that include considerations such as:  Timeframes Relationships Budget What has your experience been? Post a comment if you have chosen to go sublease vs. direct or vice versa. We’d love to hear from you!

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