eHarmony for Tenants

March 2011
T3 Advisors

We all know that finding the perfect match can be tough, we’ve all been there…Searching for space is sometimes more of an art than a science. The T3 Innovation Lab is hard at work honing in on the science of space.

The T3 Innovation Lab has created an algorithm that analyzes client specific criteria and serves as the foundation of T3’s tHarmony tool that helps optimize the matching of our client’s unique space requirements with the most compatible available market opportunities.Business Bar Graph


tHarmony is a  based on 5 major ‘relationship needs’:

  • Transportation
  • Amenities
  • Sustainability
  • Building Characteristics
  • Economics

Finding space isn’t just about “Where?” or “How Much?”. It is about finding the RIGHT space for YOUR company, because Space Matters. The right space encourages culture and collaboration unique to your company brand.

What you “NEED” and what you “WANT” are sometimes vastly different. tHarmony provides a framework for companies to make an objective real estate decision.

To learn more how tHarmony can find the right match for you contact