Sustainability Top of Mind at CoreNet Chicago 2011

May 2011
T3 Advisors

T3 recently attended the 2011 CoreNet Global Summit held in Chicago.  A key topic that has gained tremendous momentum over the years at the summit is sustainability.  Throughout the three-day summit T3 attended informational sessions, met with current and future clients to hear their perspectives on energy management and sustainable topics, and learned about new tools and innovations in the sustainable real estate space.

Technology companies continue to push the envelope in innovation when it comes to corporate campuses. Microsoft is one of the sustainability world’s best kept secrets.  Darrell Smith, Sr. Operations Manager and unofficial “mayor” of the Redmond WA Microsoft campus was featured on a panel, “Breaking Down Silos for Energy Strategy at Microsoft: Challenges, Techniques and Successes.”  Darrell has the luxury of economies of scale  working in his favor – the largest contiguous corporate campus in the world (126 buildings, 15 Million SF) – or as Darrell likes to put it, a “medium size town”.  Even in the state of Washington, which has some of the lowest electricity prices in the country (~$.0747/KwH) Microsoft is still able to find significant opportunities to save power and money and is doing so in a very strategic and thoughtful manner.

One tool we learned about through a meeting with Michael Bloom, program advisor at the Office of Federal High Performance Green Buildings is the Sustainable Facilities Tool.

This is an incredible interactive site that helps define the main points to upgrade and amend practices within a building for sustainability. It includes an interactive office space with detail on various components, take a minute to check it out:

Even better you can “go into” the building and then get further detail on the spaces, including regulations, info on materials, etc. Here is a conference room for example:

You can even then compare systems, i.e. what type of wall, what type of furniture and get a table-form comparison of info including cost and environmental impacts.

All this cool, innovative, and cutting edge technology from….our government?! Wow, we were impressed, and all this happened on the screen of Michael’s iPad.

Corporate sustainable strategy is no longer something to be preparing for in the future, it is here today. Companies like Walmart are requiring sustainable commitments from their suppliers. The ability to recruit and retain employees is tied to sustainable strategies. Productivity of employees across all sectors of business increases by working in green buildings.

The future is now when it comes to sustainable strategy, whats your company doing to keep up with your competitors? Find the solutions at T3 Clean Tech.