T3 Learns about Living Building Challenge at 2011 CoreNet Global Summit

May 2011
T3 Advisors

T3 recently hosted an intimate group dinner at Naha with Webcor and Velerio Dewalt Train at 2011 CoreNet Global Summit.  Joined by real estate executives from some of the Silicon Valley’s most exciting technology companies the dinner discussion was both intellectually stimulating and light hearted.  One of the topics of conversation that everyone seemed to have an opinion on was corporate sustainability.  We learned about the Living Building Challenge which goes BEYOND LEED certification and more towards priorities based on technical requirements and core values.  T3 is excited to hear about new building philosophies and standards but questioned how this new standard will gain momentum as LEED is still something the real estate industry is working to better understand and implement.

Even so, there is an exciting movement towards “Net Zero” water, waste, and energy efficiency and some of the findings are quite revolutionary.

How this will shape our business in real estate will depend on client implementation but until then T3 looks forward to following this exciting new trend and sharing information and resources to our clients to help better prepare our society for a sustainable future!

The evening of fantastic food, wine and conversation was one that we thoroughly enjoyed with friends and look forward to hosting again in the near future.  Maybe next time we will plan an evening near T3’s new Palo Alto location – who wants to join us out west?