Bergeron Speaks About Cleantech Market on Nature of Biz Radio

August 2011
T3 Advisors

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Nature of Biz show, hosted by Chrissy Coughlin.  We had a great discussion about the state of the cleantech market and how T3 has carved out a very unique approach that’s been successful in helping cleantech companies both find the right real estate facility solutions as well as obtain significant amounts of state and federal incentives.

The cleantech clusters in both New England as well as the Silicon Valley are still very strong and continuing to grow.  Last quarter venture investments were the second highest of all time and companies are finding ways to bridge the “valley of death” with many more growth capital players now helping cleantech companies scale.

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Unique Cleantech Real Estate Needs

With this growth of the sector, and the younger companies getting more mature, they require more sophisticated real estate solutions.  T3 is helping take these companies from initial idea conceptions, through proof of concept and market validation and arriving at commercialization.  The needs of cleantech companies are very unique and are the reason T3 has made the conscious effort to get very deep in the cleantech world, understanding how to best advise our clients with particular real estate requirements.

Chrissy also had Rob Day from Black Coral Capital as a guest. Black Coral Capital is considered by many as one of Boston’s top cleantech investors (and they happen to be a T3 client).  Rob always has original and insightful commentary about the state of the cleantech world. I’d recommend following him on twitter to stay up to speed.

I always enjoy being a guest on these shows, or speaking on panels about cleantech.  The sector is still in its infant stages and has so much potential to change most basic parts of our society – transportation, water, energy creation, politics.  In the past, the US has been on the cutting edge of new technology and the hope is that we can continue to create a support system that combines the right entrepreneurs with enough funding and a runway to see their projects through.  If so, it will be good for us all.

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