Announcing the T3 Advisors’ Preferred Partner Program

February 2015
Jon Frisch

T3 Advisors' Preferred Partner ProgramAs we work with rapidly growing technology startups in establishing new workplaces, some of the most common questions we get surround services and vendors that provide value and help them scale for success:

  • What’s the best way to get some cool artwork with a limited budget?
  • Where can I get business materials like business cards printed?
  • Any thoughts on the best bookkeeping solutions?

With these questions in mind, T3 Advisors is thrilled to roll out a new program to its clients: The T3 Preferred Partner Program. We have carefully selected like-minded partners that service the innovation economy to provide additional value to our clients as part of the T3 experience. These service providers, including SmartBooks, MOO, TurningArt and Roomzilla, offer best-in-class options and through this program, our clients will enjoy discounted rates for the products and services they need most.

We invite you to review the Preferred Partner Program page, check out the discounts that are available, and request quotes. If you have any questions, please reach out to me directly – we are so excited about this program and look forward to your feedback!