Innovation Moves Forward at the T3 Innovation Studio

July 2015
Greg Bohenko

T3 Innovation Studio partyAs an Associate for T3 Advisors, working in the T3 Innovation Studio in Boston’s Innovation District, it’s never lost on me that we have a bigger job to do than helping our clients to locate and develop great workplaces. While that is the core of our business, it’s not the only thing that we see as one of our key responsibilities.

We have also made it part of our mission to enable innovation to happen. As any great entrepreneur knows, the path to innovation does not always follow a straight line; it involves many long hours of planning, managing through key inflection points and developing smart strategies that lead you to a successful outcome. And a critical part of this journey is collaborating with other entrepreneurs and startups. We hear it time and time again – learning from other entrepreneurs can mean the difference between success and failure. Being able to tap into the collective knowledge of these leaders is one of the key benefits of being a part of the Boston Innovation Community.

To this end, I recently hosted a gathering at the T3 Innovation Studio that included some of the most amazing tech leaders that I have the great fortune to know. The attendees and their companies include:

I’d like to thank Fama PR for donating a corn hole game and credit this, as well as some of the great food and drinks, with sparking some of the amazing conversations that took place on this night.

So here’s to Boston and innovation! We look forward to many more great events in this vibrant community!