What a match! T3 Advisors at Dreamforce

September 2015
David Bergeron

Have you driven through San Francisco this week or taken a look at the floating hotel on the Bay? If so, then you’ll know that something has taken the city by force – Dreamforce, that is. Hopefully you will forgive my bad joke but you certainly cannot ignore this amazing event where so many incredible tech leaders and Salesforce partners have converged during the past few days to discuss sales productivity.

David Bergeron at DreamforceWhat’s even more exciting is that both Samantha Martz and I were invited to speak at Dreamforce to share our thoughts and experiences surrounding SalesforceIQ, a product that T3 Advisors adopted very early on. In fact, we were the 7th customer to sign on for SalesforceIQ (formerly RelateIQ) because we piloted the sales platform and were instantly blown away by the value it brought to our team. And due to our early involvement, we are proud of the fact that we had input into ultimately helping to shape what the product is today.

Here are some key takeaways and high level points from our sessions:

Being on the “bleeding edge” of innovation propels company growth. One of the key tenets of our business is to constantly look for more effective and innovative ways to achieve our goals and help our clients achieve theirs. Great companies understand the need to go beyond the status quo and to utilize the tools that support their strategy. Tools like SalesforceIQ enable us to be better – better at communicating internally and externally with a distributed team, better at supporting our clients and better at driving more revenue into our pipeline.

Samantha Martz at DreamforceThe right technology strengthens client relationships. During Sam’s panel session – SalesforceIQ SMB Customers Share Their Sales Secret: Relationship Intelligence – she was accompanied by amazing leaders from StoryBox and Tilt for a discussion about how this tool is fostering deeper client relationships and how we track our performance on behalf of our clients and their investors. 

Transparency and communication is critical for distributed teams. As with all fast-paced companies, our projects can be complex and have many moving parts so we need access to up-to-the-minute information. And since T3 has multiple offices and our team members travel globally, we need to communicate across geographies and time zones. Additionally, as new employees come on board, having SalesforceIQ provides an instant window into what’s happening with our clients and their projects, making new employee on-boarding much smoother.

Utilizing the great technology produced by our clients enables us to understand their business and support them more effectively. Being part of this technology ecosystem means that we not only help these incredible companies with powerful real estate strategies but also that we gain an in-depth understanding of what they are trying to accomplish. In addition to SalesforceIQ, T3 utilizes solutions from Box, HubSpot and many others. And then we get to turn around and use this technology to help other clients, as well. Simply put, this is an amazing aspect of T3’s work that truly sets us apart.

To read more about Sam’s session at Dreamforce, read the article, “Salesforce debuts products based on RelateIQ acquisition.”

Already dreaming about next year…can’t wait!