EAO Silicon Valley Panel ~ EAs in Tech

March 2016
Nichola Mente


EAs in Tech!

There are many benefits to networking with your peers; just one of those benefits is the ready exchange of wisdom and experience. We can promise that a wealth of tips and information will be shared at our event, EAO Silicon Valley Panel, hosted at T3 Advisors Palo Alto.

T3 Advisors is thrilled to co-host an EAO event — we want to give back to the fantastic EA community and promote the space in which we can share resources and build relationships. EAO has done tremendous work encouraging the admin community to thrive together. You should be a part of this community and engage in sharing information and building relationships — and you can start by coming to our event!

By connecting with other EAs, you can build invaluable relationships in our community. It is vitally important to find mentors and make lasting connections within the industry. As you develop your talents and skills, keep an eye out for people who believe in you and who are willing to help you achieve your goals. Learn from them. Be humble and open to criticism. Make sure that you return the favor with the proper respect and gratitude for their valuable input and their time.

Then, when you are in a position to give back, you can do so by guiding someone else in the field. Always look for opportunities to help your fellow EAs. That help can come in the form of guiding a young admin as a mentor or by offering to share your talents and resources with others who are already established. Personally, I was blessed with mentors who told me the truth and provided constructive feedback to help me grow. I still call them for advice, and I am grateful for keeping those connections over time. Now that I have years of experience in the field, I am excited to have the chance to give back to my community.

We are all in this together; a successful EA community is built when we help each other succeed without being held back by the fears that the someone else’s success will somehow hurt us. The open sharing of ideas, methods, resources, and connections is how each of us can help one another and make our community richer and stronger.

If you’d like to build new relationships and learn about the benefits of networking with your peers, participating in this event is a great place to start.   We are so excited to continue building our community! Please join us!