Off the Record Chat: Silicon Valley, NFL and T3 Advisors

April 2017
Rollins Stallworth

Silicon Valley is known for being the birthplace of Innovation. Throughout history innovation has been diagnosed by scholars, business professionals and students in a multitude of ways. Yet, there is common thread that stitches each unique description together to form a vast fabric of understanding of what Innovation is and how it is materialized. That common thread I believe is best explained as, Innovation equals change and to change one must do, think and act different.

At first glance an event that brings together top tier Venture Capitalists, Tech and Life Science Entrepreneurs, Artists, Students, Professional Football Players, Academics and Real Estate Advisors might seem a little different to say the least. However, Silicon Valley is the breeding ground for “different”, Stanford student athletes pride themselves on being “different” and T3 Advisors exists to be “different” than any other Commercial Real Estate firm in the world.

On Friday March 24th, a panel discussion was held in the T3 Palo Alto Studio for selected guests. A Skeletal Stem cell researcher and soon to be Stanford Med student, the newest member of the coveted Venture Capital Firm Andreessen Horowitz, an Aeronautic & Astronautic engineer and a current Political Science major all made up the incredible panel. Oh by the way, each panelist was an all All-American Stanford football graduate who either plays or has played in the NFL…

The Panel discussion centered around an “Off the Record” discussion about the good, the bad and the ugly of the NFL. T3’s very own Stanford Football Grad, NFL Alumnus and Managing Partner David Bergeron effortlessly led the discussion as if he were an All-American Quarterback as opposed to the heat seeking Outside Linebacker of his past life.

That Friday morning the audience turned into a tight knit team as the T3 Palo Alto Studio converted into a locker room of sorts in which everyone gained a calming unannounced understanding that whatever was said would stay between those four walls. Therefore, I will not be disclosing any specific information about the conversations that took place that morning. However, it would be impossible and almost unfair not to shed some light on such an outstanding event. One that I believe represents what truly makes Silicon Valley, Stanford and T3 Advisors all so amazing.

Despite coming from unique backgrounds the members of the audience and the panelists came together over not only the common intrigue of the NFL but the common desire to learn and connect. Learning about how leadership behaviors can trickle top down throughout an entire organization, how incentives can alter behavior, what makes a great team culture and even why players put their health at risk in a business that may or may not have their best interest at heart.

After the thoughtful panel discussion and Q & A, the Studio transformed from a quasi-team locker room into a networking haven that rivaled even the most illustrious networking extravaganzas held in the valley. The connections made, information shared and excitement created represented what I would describe as materialized innovation.

At T3 Advisors, we aim to build great companies through powerful real estate strategies and innovative workplaces. Why we have been able to have so much success in doing just that is because of events like this. Through innovation, change and being “different”, T3 is better now than we were 6 months ago and will be better 6 months from now than we are today. So, if you want to connect, learn and experience innovation makes sure to attend the next T3 Studio Event!