The intersection of real life and life sciences

June 2017
Austin Barrett

Early in my life, someone told me to seek out my passion and find a job that makes you want to get up early every morning. According to him, passion, zeal and the commitment to make an impact on the world should be the driving force of every man; not monetary gains as is commonplace in the world today. Subconsciously I adopted this belief, and since then through my younger days, I looked forward to impacting my generation in a positive way.  

Growing up, I was constantly in the midst of people well invested in the field of medicine and more often than not the topic of conversation at the dinner table revolved around the latest medical technologies and new drug therapies. This background quickly rubbed off on me; with time I developed a strong likeness for anything medically related and often pictured myself helping people overcome their ailments. The thought of relieving people of their source of worry and strife conjured up a feeling of accomplishment; my goal then was to turn this dream into reality.

You are probably reading this and asking yourself “how then did he end up in real estate.”  Well, T3 is the only firm in the country that is industry focused, and this allows me the opportunity to work with the world’s cutting edge life science companies who are particularly invested in solving some of the most complex medical issues. And while my passionate dream curing people of their ailments didn’t exactly materialize, I take pride in the fact that in one way or the other I’ve contributed to the development of breakthrough medical solutions. The kind that has the potential of bettering the lives of a huge number of people, far beyond the scope of what I would have achieved if I was in a clinical setting.

This past week I had a first-hand experience of what our healthcare system is capable of.  My younger brother was a rare match for his wife who had been struggling with late-stage kidney disease for the last ten years.  USCF and their incredible staff of surgeons and nurses performed nothing short of a miracle transplant in my opinion.  I left my younger brother, Blake and his wife Kelly yesterday in their home as they sat on the floor and laughed with their child who is almost one year old.  The future looked bright as I pictured them smiling. Surely they will both live long and healthy lives because of the advancement our healthcare system has seen.

Such instances where medical advancements help people map out a better future have continued to inspire me. Each day I wake up, filled with renewed passion and focused on how I can be a valuable resource for these rapidly evolving life science companies that are saving lives. For me, their impact on the lives of patients and the world, in general, is immeasurable; the feeling that I too have contributed to the fulfillment of their goals and objectives is nothing short of ecstatic.