Return to Office: When is the Right Time?

October 2020
Tyler Hales

When is the right time to return to the physical office? As of right now, there’s no perfect answer. However, the risks of getting the timing wrong are clear when it comes to employee health, as well as the real estate investments of the company.

We took a look at 90 tech companies, including giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon to help us navigate the state of the industry. Be warned: we found no clear consensus on the universal “right time” to return to the office. However, we discovered key insights into companies’ game plans, knowledge that can support a fluid decision making process that requires ongoing attention as the times change.

Here’s a snapshot of our findings:

Return to Office Timing: Approximately half of the companies studied are intentionally not announcing a date employees must return to the office.

Remote Work Announcements: 70% of companies studied have not yet announced any permanent change to their remote work policy.

The Remote Work Hedge: Many large tech employers announcing more remote-friendly work models have also made major real estate investments since March 2020.

…and many more.

Our study also includes a breakdown of various remote models, geographic pay strategy, major drivers for decentralization, and other critical factors that support companies’ decision-making now and into the future. If your organization still has questions — as do many — this is the right place to begin.

If you’re ready to dive into the Return to Work findings of when, how, and why companies are planning on returning to the office, read the full Benchmarking Study.