T3 Looks Toward the Future with Four New Promotions

December 2020
T3 Advisors

At T3 Advisors, we’re focused on the future, and we wouldn’t be where we are now—or set forth on an ambitious road to success—without our talented, diverse team. That’s why despite some of the uncertainties of 2020 we’re thrilled to dedicate our future to celebrating our people.

And here’s the exciting news: we’re announcing a series of promotions that highlight the brilliant employees who have gone above and beyond for their teams and for creating better outcomes for our clients. Here are our shining stars and their new roles: 

  • Austin Barrett to Managing Partner
  • Tyler Hales to Partner
  • Morgan Mosher to Partner 
  • Andrew Zink to Partner

These people all come from different backgrounds and bring unique value to the team, but here’s what they all have in common: they live by our values, day in and day out. They’re innovators, creators, and true team players that don’t stand down from a challenge. They approach work with passion and positivity, making T3 and the individuals that comprise our team better each day.

Austin Barrett — Managing Partner

After launching T3’s west coast life science practice in 2011, Austin now helps lead T3’s National Life Sciences Team as a Managing Partner. Austin’s deep exposure to the industry allows him to guide clients in areas like finding facilities that can accommodate their specialty and planning for growth around inflection points like milestones, funding, and M&A events. 

All in all, Austin is the top expert in helping our clients solve complex issues as they scale their science and their people. He’s also known for uplifting and celebrating his teammates, which makes him an outstanding leader. His well-deserved promotion demonstrates T3’s ongoing commitment to Life Sciences and a celebration of Austin’s leadership in both life science and on the team.

Tyler Hales — Partner

For over five years at T3, Tyler Hales has been advising companies on location and financial strategy, site selection, and deal structuring. Tyler is a pro at diving into the nitty-gritty details and finding answers through data-driven analysis. He excels at client service and has an extensive background in advising clients on real estate accounting issues and financial processes.

Promoted to Partner, Tyler will be spearheading our strategy team’s incredible global growth, where his detail- and analysis-oriented approach will support his teammates in guiding companies to make wise strategic decisions related to real estate, workplace, and location. Thanks to our friends at global accounting and consulting firm EY, where prior to joining T3, Tyler received world class training. 

Morgan Mosher — Partner 

Morgan Mosher is the powerhouse of creating a balanced, productive, and happy workplace that unites brand, values, and functionality. In short, she guides our clients to unlock the full potential of the workplace. Passionate about collaboration and quality relationships, Morgan also tackles areas as diverse as cultural initiatives, the physical space, and workplace efficiencies.

Now, Morgan brings her talents to a new role. Promoted to Partner, Morgan will be the quarterback of our workplace efforts, improving the workplace experience by providing extensive strategic support in this area to T3’s portfolio of innovative companies.

Andrew Zink — Partner 

Before joining T3 over five years ago, Andrew Zink spent almost a decade in the industry, working on a local, national and international level. Andrew now specializes in advising clients in the Life Science ecosystem, where he empowers founders, executives, investors, and industry leaders to focus on their science, attracting and retaining top talent, and ultimately improving their lives at work. 

As a T3 Partner, Andrew will continue applying his industry expertise to support biotech, digital health, and medical device companies in their growth and innovation. As one of our top specialists in the Life Sciences, Andrew is taking the lead in creating thoughtful strategic plans that fit together with our clients’ larger business objectives.


T3 is looking ahead to a bright future, and we couldn’t be more excited to have more driven, passionate, and entrepreneurial people to help us decide where we’re going to go. Do you think that’s you? Check out our careers page to discover if we have the perfect fit for you!