Reflecting on Plans for a Healthier 2021

January 2021
Roy Hirshland

This past November, T3 Advisors gave our entire team a ‘T3 Workplace Health Stipend’ in support of the team’s work from home & personal health. We wanted to express gratitude for the team’s incredible efforts in 2020, and to recognize the challenges we face in our ongoing work from home environments. As CEO, I also participated in this program–and I am so glad I did. It gave me a chance to reflect on my endeavor for a healthier 2021 at work. Here are two challenges I face, and some products I purchased as a part of our program to help with them.

1. “Sitting is the new smoking”

T3 is at the cutting edge of helping companies think about the future of work and empowering their employee workplace and office experiences. From an office space design standpoint, I know how bad sitting for long periods of time is. I have known this for years, and yet I didn’t address this in 2020 for myself. I sat for hour after hour on zoom calls. My back began to hurt among other aches and pains. Thanks to our T3 Workplace Health Stipend, I took action, and after researching the category, purchased an electric standing desk by Vari. I struggle with at home projects, so trust me when I say it was easy to assemble. Relatively cost effective and customer service was fantastic! I now stand 75% of the day. And I feel much better!

2. Stress

2020 was an incredibly stressful time for all of us, and 2021 is so far proving to be no different. I know I should meditate and learn to practice mindfulness, and know how much it would help manage all the stress that I have as a business leader, parent, and a human in these challenging times. But honestly, I never really did much about it, and the challenges of 2020 came down hard on me and negatively impacted my sleep. Our personal health stipend gave me a chance to dig into potential apps and products that help with this. I am thrilled to share that I am now using, started by fellow Colby College alum Dan Harris. I’m just starting this journey but already finding big improvements.

We all need to practice self care, particularly in the coming months of 2021.  At T3, we are devoted to helping companies think more deeply about their real estate and future workplace strategies.  I have passionately pursued this work for thirty years, and I realized it was time to focus a bit more on my own work from home environment and health as well.

As they say, “please put on your own oxygen mask before helping others”!