New Hire Announcement: T3’s Response to Life Science Growth

May 2021
T3 Advisors

The Life Sciences field is experiencing an era of unprecedented growth. At T3 Advisors, we continue to evolve our talent to meet the sector’s demand for facilities expertise. As part of this exciting time, we’re thrilled to welcome a new specialist on board: Kelly O’Connor joins our specialty team as a Life Science Advisor. 

Kelly’s tenure at Codiak BioSciences brings invaluable experience in lab and office management to our team. Her deep connection to scientists’ needs aligns with our mission to advocate for our tenants — not landlords — and ensure they find spaces and facilities that truly support their innovation. 

Get to know Kelly O’Connor here! 

How did you find your passion?

“Throughout my tenure at my previous employer, I was able to increase my impact through a range of roles: from reception, administration, HR, and onboarding, to IT, lab, and office operations. Across these experiences, I realized my ability to create exciting and efficient workplaces for employees.  

My passion for supporting management and organization development became clear through finding and securing new headquarters and manufacturing space. From the initial search and construction to setting up the office, I was hooked on all things real estate and BioTech.”

What’s the importance of connecting the workplace and lab space?  

“Scientists do amazing work every day; work that changes lives. For me, it’s important to make their day-to-day life easier so they can focus on that work. By connecting and talking to the scientists, I’m able to help to facilitate projects and spaces that cater to their needs and follow an effective long-term strategy.”

What’s the key to a workplace strategy that enables scientific collaboration?

“Having spaces that enable focus and cross-functionality between labs and offices is a critical part of a workplace strategy. In particular, sharing, analyzing, and presenting data are the most crucial elements of scientific collaboration.”

Why do you want to be in the Life Science industry?

“I like being on the cutting edge of new technologies. Every Life Science company seeks to make this world a better place and I am excited to be able to play a role in accelerating and aiding that mission.”

What are you excited about in starting your journey on the T3 team? 

“I’m thrilled to support the T3 team in bridging the gap between the lab and office. I can’t wait to contribute my experience of working closely with scientists and office staff to ensure clients have what they need to accelerate and grow. I am driven by impact — developing relationships and successful workplaces — and I can’t wait to see what we create together with the team!” 


At T3 Advisors, Kelly will spearhead a liaison between the lab and workplace. She has a deep understanding of the exact process our clients navigate every day and, as a result, will drive  our unique approach to connect with both scientists and stakeholders to build a long-term strategy to success. Welcome to the team, Kelly!