Global Transaction Management: Data, Transparency, and Leverage

October 2016 | by Austin Barrett

Every project and assignment is unique in its own way and requires a specific local skill set. For instance, a manufacturing requirement in Costa Rica or an engineering office in Germany both require a very different set of skills. T3’s Best in Class model offers a data driven and transparent approach that creates the ultimate leverage for our clients.


How Did I Get Here

October 2016 | by Jesse Wood

How could I find work / life balance while still working in a highly competitive environment with a team that would challenge me long term? How could I make a good, comfortable living while being paid what I was worth to the team? If a company has strong leaders who are also instrumental team players, will outcomes reflect those traits?


Before and After: CoolSpaces- Starry

September 2016 | by Greg Hoffmeister

In January 2017, Project Decibel came out of stealth mode and announced to the world that Starry, Inc. would be focused on revolutionizing how consumers access and connect to the internet. Their first product is the Starry Station, a touchscreen router that delivers perfect wifi throughout your home. The Starry Station can be purchased on Amazon.


We Need Another Hero.

September 2016 | by Graham Allison

Earmark a small percentage of space for the next generation of great companies, and provide it on a flexible basis. You won’t regret it. These companies lease space faster, work within re-usable layouts, create buzz and have the potential to grow into your traditional “anchor tenant” in the future.


I Believe in Running

September 2016 | by Colin Greenhalgh

We talk a lot about culture at T3. We worry about our own culture, have a business centered around bettering the culture of our clients, and as I write this I can genuinely say I am now better at my job because I have had the opportunity to work at T3.