COVID-19 Workplace Resources

Last updated: May 7, 2020

This page is a resource for our clients, partners, and any companies looking for guidance or best practices on workplace policies during this uncertain time.

We will be updating this page as news unfolds.

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  • OSHA – requirements apply to prevent occupational exposure (**potentially infectious materials that typically do not include respiratory secretions that may contain SARS-CoV-2 (unless visible blood is present)
  • EEOC – Pandemic Preparedness at the Workplace and the ADA Act (updated March 21, 2020; Originally written to address H1N1)
  • USA Today Workers face ‘uphill battle’ proving firms liable if they catch COVID-19 
  • Zenefits COVID-19: Return To Work Guidelines and Requirements for Employers 
  • Zenefits (3/24/20) Confidentiality and COVID-19: Balancing Privacy and Protection 
  • Pillsbury (3/6/20) Mitigating Employment Law Risks as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Spreads 
  • Workers Compensation Research Institute FAQ about COVID-19’s Impact on Workers’ Comp 


  • Safety & Health Study identifies three effective methods to sanitize N95 respirators for reuse 



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General Information and Best Practices

Work From Home Best Practices

Other Recommendations

We’re far from understanding what the ultimate impact of this virus will have on our businesses, but here are some actionable things that you can do for your companies as news continues to unfold (link to full article here):

  • Create a Work from Home Plan: Have a clear plan in place for how you can support employees working from home. Companies that are not “remote-first” are going to feel a major impact. Many are quickly re-evaluating how to help employees continue to work effectively if and when offices need to be closed. Those that have been more flexible are considering ways to make virtual meetings even more effective to minimize disruptions. Steelcase recently outlined four ways to help you stay productive (and sane) when working from home.

    Many employees may not have solutions at home that make it possible for them to do this easily, whether it be access to technology (monitors, accessories) or a desk with an ergonomic chair. Many furniture dealers are ready to help come up with creative solutions to help get your employees what they need, like create an external website where employees can order pre-approved furniture and have it delivered directly to their houses.
  • Provide Remote-friendly Technology: If you don’t currently have a stable video conferencing solution in place (e.g., Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts, WebEx), now is the time to get one up and running and teach teams how to be most effective when using them. Make sure that employees test their VPN access right away so that you can resolve any issues before putting too much strain on the network.

  • Enact Health-Conscious Policies: Work with your executive team and use your best judgment on a culturally appropriate way to support employees during this uncertain time. Encourage employees to take time for themselves. For individuals that have underlying health concerns or come into close contact with those that do on a regular basis, allow them the flexibility needed to get their work done while keeping themselves and their families healthy.

  • Encourage Company-wide Healthy Habits: Encouraging healthy habits is critical to preventing the spread of the virus. If you offer buffet-style food service, have members of your food team serve employees (instead of self-service). Increase the number of hand sanitizers around the office, and put up signs near your sinks reminding employees of the 20-second hand-washing rule.

Individual Company Responses

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