2021 Guide to Life Sciences Facilities Strategy

Now more than ever, life science companies must operate in spaces well-equipped for their innovation. Unfortunately, the supply for specialized facilities remains tight in 2021. On top of low supply and high demand, the real estate market is riddled with opportunistic investors posing poorly-repurposed, and often unsafe, buildings as “labs.”

Already strained to find a facility and kick off their research, how can tenants win? One misstep — and months of research findings get destroyed by a leaking A/C.

When posed with that question, we knew who to ask. Our Life Science Team, dedicating their careers to supporting life science companies with facilities strategy, had more than one answer (and horror story). That’s how we landed on our new guide with the insights that can help life science companies navigate the chaos.

By accessing the guide, you’ll gain rare life science real estate insights on:

  • Navigating common challenges of finding a suitable lab space
  • Avoiding landlords and investors that promote unfit spaces
  • Planning for specific science requirements and zoning
  • Building an effective facilities strategy from scratch
  • Turning strategy into a holistic framework for long term innovation