Our Focus / Emerging


As startups emerge from inception, company founders must balance often competing priorities with finite resources and crazy timelines to build foundations for sustainable success.

What matters to you?

The perfect can be the enemy of the good and the “just in time” need for speed often trumps drawn-out processes. Put another way, you need to hack your way through early infrastructure and systems challenges to minimize capital burn and maintain agility while delivering your team an environment and culture that works for them.

Location strategy: Start strong

  • At what point does it make sense to move out of the garage, or the coworking space, into our first space?
  • What do most startups negotiate in terms of rent, length of term, landlord concessions?
  • In technology clusters (i.e. San Francisco, Boston, New York, London, etc.) where the real estate markets are super-heated, how do we position our company and tell our story to get landlords excited about us and to get a leg up on the competition?
  • I want a high performance workplace, but given our size, budget and space options, what are the top three things I should do to provide my team with solid digs?
  • Given my short and long-term headcount numbers, what’s the right space strategy for us and how do we execute?

Why T3 is the right partner

You need a “Space Sherpa” you can trust and T3 is literally custom built to guide emerging companies through their real estate and workplace journeys. We hustle, help you prioritize, and get it done right so you stay focused on your people and your business and hit your key milestones in style.