Our Focus / Global


Publicly traded companies must address immediate challenges and drive quarterly results while they look beyond the next horizon to develop long-term plans for strategic global growth.

What Matters To you?

Your board, executive committee and business unit leaders all may have strong opinions on a given tactical move in a specific market. Your ultimate goal should be to synthesize these statements around the greater strategic context that aligns overarching business  drivers for effective globalization.

Evolve from Task Master to Value Creation Visionary:

  • How do we better plan for and support enterprise growth when headcount growth trajectories outpace resource allocation?
  • From a global talent perspective, in which markets can we find the right talent for our mission at the right cost?
  • How do I best work with my country managers and internal customers to empower them and make them our champions?
  • What’s the right level of centralized-decision making and the best way to achieve it?
  • The data is endless. If our goal is to continually optimize people and portfolio performance, what metrics should we use and how do we best collect and analyze them?

Why T3 is the right partner

Our team has secured billions in incentives and transacted in over 60 countries. From that satellite office to your entire global location strategy, our experience and long-term perspective helps you manage complexity, harness talent and lead in an ever-changing world.