Our Focus / Growth


Entrepreneurs and executives face new operational and cultural challenges when their companies evolve beyond early funding rounds to a phase when they rapidly grow market share, revenue and headcount.

What Matters To You?

You probably want to stay a startup at heart forever. But as your company grows and matures you will want to do things differently to balance quality, cost and risk. At the end of the day, however, the mission is to provide workplace environments that perform, amplify and inspire.

En Route to an IPO…

  • We’re 150 people today, growing to 500 in 3 years. What’s the right location strategy for us to control our destiny from a space standpoint but not overcommit and remain flexible?
  • Considering the demographics of our current employees and future recruits, as well as the markets we serve, where are the right domestic and international locations today? Tomorrow?
  • It’s a talent war out there. How can we successfully leverage the workplace to give us a competitive recruitment and retention edge?
  • Given our work and culture, what’s the optimal design for our offices to foster collaboration and innovation, and enhance productivity and well-being?
  • What’s the right structure for my real estate and facilities department? What should we outsource and how does this team best support the business and our employees?

Why T3 is the right partner

At T3 we organize our teams by sectors— a) emerging b) growth and c) global  –  to expertly guide our clients through prototypical inflection points on the lifecycle curve toward enterprise maturity and success.