Return to Office (RTO) & Remote Work Benchmarking Study

COVID-19 has forced various industries to rethink their ways of working. We’ve all seen the splashy announcement from major tech companies declaring permanent shifts to varying shades of remote work catalyzed by the pandemic. But how pervasive is the adoption of remote work models?

The headlines seem to hold only half the truth: adoption of permanent shifts in remote work models isn’t as prevalent as many might expect. At the same time, the landscape is dynamic — most companies have determined it’s too early to jump into long-term real estate and workplace conclusions just yet.

To understand the current state of tech companies’ return to office and remote work strategies, we studied 90 different companies. As a result of that study, we found the following:

  • 30% of companies have announced a shift to a partial or full remote model
  • Remote job postings for companies that have made such announcements are still comparatively low at 8.7%
  • On return to office timing, companies are split almost evenly between a “wait and see” approach and announcing a return to office date.

We examined return-to-work strategies of giants such as Amazon, Google, Salesforce and many more. Interested in how these companies are taking on this challenge?

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