The why, where, and how for your next phase of global growth

Some of the Questions We Help You Answer

  • Where do I find my next 100 engineers?
  • Where should our first international location be outside of Silicon Valley?
  • Should I do a traditional lease or WeWork in Tokyo?
  • Can we hire who we need to if we open a Singapore office?
  • How do I open an office in Berlin in the next 4 months?

Answers Grounded in Data

Whether you’re considering opening an office in a new international market, relocating, or growing in an existing market, we validate your location decisions with data.

We start by entrenching ourselves in your global business goals—including interviewing stakeholders to get to know your headcount needs, growth trajectory, cost parameters, and other key business drivers.

Next, we filter all the international alternatives to a short list of locations and analyze every relevant criterion, including cost benchmarks, talent depth and quality, customer and supplier concentrations, regulatory landscape and labor laws, government incentives, and more.

Once we’ve narrowed down the list to 2-3 potential cities, we orchestrate trips to each of the markets for company representatives to tour potential sites and meet with peer companies, government officials, local university representatives and any other relevant parties. We weigh the qualitative and quantitative findings from these trips to give you a final, data-backed location recommendation.

Getting the data to help us make the right decisions on which locations we should be going into next—that’s been huge for us.


Operations Handled by Experts

Tackling international markets can be a daunting process—from considering regulatory environments, local business practices, and zoning regulations to finding the best local partners to help you get up and running.

So, once we arm you with data-informed location decisions, we don’t disappear. We work with your HR, Finance, and Operations teams to launch you in your new market.

We use our wealth of international experience to advise you on everything from navigating unique labor laws and local market real estate practices to helping you choose the best partners to assist with every part of your operations. And because we understand your business and culture, we act as an extension of your team to save you time and make informed decisions.

About T3 Advisors

T3 Advisors provides real estate and workplace solutions for the world’s most innovative companies that range from 2–10,000 employees. By acting as an extension of the team and only representing tenants, T3 offers transparent, conflict-free real estate strategies.

T3’s services include tenant brokerage, location advisory, portfolio planning, consultative insights, project management, and workplace strategy. Placed at the center of innovation ecosystems with offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York City, and Boston, T3 has advised thousands of companies globally, including LinkedIn, HubSpot, Postmates, ASICS, AutoDesk, and Battery Ventures.