Real Estate Leadership

With decades of combined corporate real estate expertise, our team is uniquely positioned to advise on any real estate challenge globally, or to act as your real estate help desk. We’ll identify areas to improve, design and implement real estate processes and technologies that help you eliminate administrative burdens, enhance communication, and capture data that drives continual improvement.

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Account Management

Working directly with your team, we help manage your global portfolio through the entire real estate life cycle—from strategic planning to lease execution and beyond. We can serve as your outsourced real estate department, or support your existing team with our deep bench of experts. We source top-quality local experts and suppliers within each global innovation market and deliver a consistent experience for you and your executive team.

T3’s depth of experience, background, and skill sets can supplement and strengthen your real estate department—leading to streamlined processes, optimized technology solutions, and global leadership.

Global Advisory

Managing a global real estate portfolio presents complex issues that can overwhelm even in-house real estate departments. We help corporations around the world identify and solve the more challenging issues in their portfolios—like how to navigate variances in global market norms, geographic cost differentials, labor quality, talent, regulatory environments, and more.

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Real Estate Organizational Design and Process Optimization

Having the right team structure in place, appropriate for your company size and profile, is critical to manage a successful global real estate portfolio. We help clients of all sizes and complexity establish organizational structures for their real estate organizations and implement corporate governance within the real estate department. We also create playbooks, templates, process flowcharts, and change management plans to equip your real estate team with the tools to proactively manage any challenge.

Technology Solutions

Critical real estate information is often housed in disparate, distributed systems or spreadsheets, making it incredibly difficult to organize and utilize. As experts in real estate tech systems—from lease management to workplace management tools—we help you objectively select the best systems for your organization. We can then help create a custom dashboard so you can access all of your up-to-date portfolio data at any time.

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