Location Strategy

Is your real estate directly aligned with your business goals? Does what once seemed like an ideal location now lack the right elements or people to support your business? When we benchmark data points critical to your business—like talent availability and quality, operating costs, supplier and customer networks, incentives, and ease of doing business—you’re armed with a thorough, data-driven location strategy that supports business goals and talent acquisition.

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Talent Analytics and Workforce Strategy

Access to deep and qualified labor pools is often the most important driver of location decisions—and human capital spend can sometimes exceed annual real estate expenditures by 10x or more. Our proprietary tools allow us to measure and compare depth, quality, and cost of key talent (down to the specific function and skill) across markets. We ensure that your location decisions are informed by the ability to attract and retain top talent and that they meet workforce cost parameters, minimize regulatory risk, and support your goals for innovation.

Business Driver and Location Advisory

As unbiased experts, we use external research and executive team interviews to identify the most important elements of a successful location strategy, such as cost tolerances, talent availability, brand presence opportunity, customer proximity, distribution networks, regulatory environments, and ease of doing business. Pairing these drivers with the best available data, we use proprietary scorecarding and forecasting models to compare markets—leading to informed location strategies optimized to your company’s unique business drivers.

Making wise location decisions—backed by qualitative and quantitative research—will allow your company to optimize performance through hiring the best people in the right places.

Economic Incentives

Whether you’re launching a new operation or growing in an existing location, we’ll craft and distribute RFPs to the appropriate municipal, regional, and state agencies. With deep experience negotiating cash grants, tax credits, property tax abatements, sales tax exemptions, infrastructure grants, and training grants, we objectively evaluate incentives offers to ensure you’re able to make the most financially informed location decision.

On-ground Due Diligence

Once your business has identified a short list of potential locations, we manage every aspect of on-ground meetings and visits. We coordinate primary research that includes peer company interviews, potential college/university partnerships, economic development engagement/RFIs, cost surveys, and more. We also facilitate visits to peer companies, community agencies, and colleges/universities. No amount of data analysis can compete with firsthand experience, which is why we curate every element of these trips to immerse you in the local ecosystem.

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