Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning services help clients manage risk and costs, identify opportunities, and stay flexible and focused on optimizing operational performance. We ensure that your real estate assets and business objectives align and empower you to think proactively—not reactively—about your space.

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Portfolio Diagnostics

Our team of experts analyzes your real estate portfolio to identify potential inefficiencies, isolate cost-reduction opportunities, streamline operations, provide benchmarks against industry and geographic norms, and align your portfolio with business drivers. This strategic view helps you prioritize upcoming critical activities, produces actionable results, and yields a real estate strategy that’s consistent with your business objectives.

Headcount Forecasting and Occupancy Planning

A healthy real estate portfolio starts with accurate headcount forecasting. We work with your cross-functional leaders to extract, model, and visualize headcount scenarios, then benchmark your forecasted headcount growth to peer companies at similar inflection points. Then we help translate headcounts to specific space requirements so you can optimize your current and future spaces.

Effective planning is the key to a healthy real estate portfolio that’s aligned with your operating strategy and financial objectives.

Financial and Operational Modeling

Our bench of experts, which includes CPAs and corporate finance specialists, can distill complex real estate and operating scenarios into executive-level summaries. With our help, you’ll understand the full impact of various decisions on operating budgets and financial statements. From that data, we’ll then build strategies that meet your financial objectives, such as limiting capital spend, minimizing income statement impact, and taking advantage of geographic cost differentials.

Business Advisory

Combining our business strategy expertise with corporate real estate knowledge, we provide you with data-driven real estate strategies. We learn everything we can about your company’s goals and challenges and the role workforce and real estate will play in driving your success. Then we provide you with powerful strategies and recommendations—everything from location-specific operating plans to assessments of critical adjacencies and M&A real estate strategies.

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