Workplace Experience

Whether you’re planning a move or staying put for the foreseeable future, our workplace experts help you maximize your real estate and workplace decisions for your most important capital—your people. We work exclusively with growing companies and understand the unique workplace pains that come with rapid growth. Working alongside your team and acting as your advocate with brokers, architects, vendors, and more, we’ll create a custom workplace plan that empowers your people to do their best work.

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Workplace Review and Smart Planning

Through any combination of stakeholder interviews, employee surveying, and onsite observations, we’ll identify your workplace’s most common pain points and help you find solutions to address them. We’ll help with everything from overbooked conference rooms, acoustical issues, and space densification to employee and cultural engagement, and much more.

Employee Surveying

What do you like about your current office? What percentage of your day do you spend at your desk? How many people are in a typical meeting? By asking your employees questions like this, we’ll help you objectively understand how your people are working and what they need to feel fulfilled and focused in the workplace. We’ll package this data into an actionable summary, solve any immediate concerns, and help communicate longer-term goals with brokers, architects, and others so your new workplace is primed for success.

Vendor Procurement and Project Meetings

As your team’s advocate, we’ll connect you with our vast network of trusted vendors so you get the very best workplace products and services—and all within your budget. Real estate projects involve many different vendors, from contractors and designers to IT and furniture providers. When appropriate, we’ll attend project meetings so your workplace goals are communicated in a consistent way amongst all the involved parties.

Cultural and Design Integration

If you plan to hire architects or interior designers, we’ll act as a bridge between them and your team, communicating your cultural and workspace needs as it relates to design. And if your budget doesn’t allow for professional designers, our team can offer effective wins to help your space become the best physical expression of your brand, culture, mission, and values. After move-in, we’ll be there to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. Working with office managers, HR, and others, we’ll provide best practices on office policy and cultural alignment.

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