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Office Landlords of America Wake Up! A Panel Discussion with Growing Tech Tenants

November 2012 | by admin

Following the exciting launch of T3 Man last month, T3’s own Rimi Chakraborty moderated a lively panel on how office building owners/landlords could better meet the real estate and facility needs of expanding technology tenants.  Joining Rimi on the panel was  Julia Regan of EnerNOC (who just signed an 80,000 square foot lease in Boston for […]


Moving On Up: T3 Helps Pegasystems with a Big Lease Deal

July 2011 | by admin

Following a year of analysis, a lot of late nights and long negotiation sessions, I’m thrilled to announce that T3 Advisors has successfully negotiated a long-term lease on behalf of our client Pegasystems for their new worldwide corporate headquarters.  The transaction represents one of the largest real estate deals of the year in the greater […]


Valuation Vs. Geographic Location in the Life Science Industry

March 2011 | by admin

As far as most people are concerned, Biotech equals Cambridge and Cambridge equals Biotech.  I’m sure it comes as no surprise that many of the Massachusetts Life Science companies we work with have a strong desire to set-up shop in Cambridge. There are a multitude of logical reasons for the large cluster of Biotech companies […]