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Corporate Real Estate and the Fundraising Cycle

Timing is everything: Corp Real Estate and the Fundraising Cycle

August 2015 | by Samantha Martz

Building a viable, successful startup is both an incredibly rewarding but always challenging endeavor. Business planning and execution requires not only a view of the current marketplace but also a keen understanding of where things are headed. And with this in mind, startups have to consider not only the required fundraising efforts but also the […]

Demystifying Title 24

Demystifying Title 24: What it means for your business

January 2015 | by Austin Barrett

  If you’re a company doing business in California, you’ve probably heard some of the buzz around Title 24 and may be wondering how it will impact your business. Below is an explanation of Title 24, as well as critical information you need to be aware of. What is Title 24? Effective July 1, 2014 […]