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December 2016 | by Andrew Zink

We recently sat down with real estate attorney Krista Kim to discuss the issues Subtenants and Sub-Landlord’s should consider before entering into a sublease. In part 1 of this 2 part discussion, we asked Krista to discuss some of the things companies should be aware of when subleasing space from other companies.


Lease Accounting Overhaul – Now is the Time to Prepare

January 2016 | by Tyler Hales

Last month the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) voted to proceed with a new lease accounting standard. While, it’s been a mundane subject for years, the time is near and we’re advising clients to prepare now.


The Tenant Rep Manifesto. Focus. Passion. Standing Firm Like a Rock.

September 2012 | by admin

A huge smile has come over my face as I sit in JetBlue seat 3C on my way back to Boston following a magical week with our Silicon Valley team.  I am as excited about the future of T3 as I was the day we started the company in August of 2001.  In fact, I […]


#culturematters T3 East Coast Office Summer Outing

August 2012 | by admin

Under perfect blue skies, the T3 Advisors east coast team enjoyed a day at the beach on beautiful Cape Cod, followed by a cocktail party and lobster dinner. It was a wonderful opportunity for our team to celebrate our success this year and how much we thoroughly enjoy working together.  There is not a day […]


Rightsizing Real Estate for Cleantech Companies

May 2012 | by admin

When making real estate and facility decisions, cleantech companies need to make sure potential properties have appropriate facility infrastructure that supports their specific equipment and processes.  Ensuring that a building can support the power, HVAC and specialty infrastructure is about speaking the right language and knowing what questions to ask. T3 has recently completed several complex real […]