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PillPack: #CoolSpaces

November 2016 | by Jon Frisch

It started over a couple of strong cups of Blue Bottle coffee back in 2013 when TJ Parker and I were having breakfast in Central Square. Having dipped his toe into the real estate business back in pharmacy school (in an effort to pay the bills), TJ was savvy to the process. He wanted a short-term place […]


“Got to Be a Pony in Here Somewhere”

November 2016 | by Colin Greenhalgh

The reality of a real estate search as a growth company in a strong, supply constrained market is bleak. Unless you are a massive conglomerate with immaculate credit and significant critical mass, there are multiple forces at work that pose a direct threat to your company’s ability to secure the best possible outcome in the way of a space solution.


Exploring Alternative Work Styles

June 2016 | by Maria DeFiglio

Many companies are exploring alternative work styles (AWS) as a way to increase their density without increasing their real estate footage. As a result, we have been seeing a lot of curiosity and questions regarding AWS, and how a company could successfully implement an AWS program.


Lease Accounting Overhaul – Now is the Time to Prepare

January 2016 | by Tyler Hales

Last month the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) voted to proceed with a new lease accounting standard. While, it’s been a mundane subject for years, the time is near and we’re advising clients to prepare now.


Tech Companies Utilizing Warehouse Spaces to Avoid Outrageous Rents

April 2013 | by admin

Working on the west coast Emerging Tech team at T3 Advisors has provided me with unique insight into the thought process behind early stage startups finding their first non-shared office space. For many companies, that time comes right after they have raised +/- $1 million dollars and have started competing with every other tech company […]