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PillPack: #CoolSpaces

November 2016 | by Jon Frisch

It started over a couple of strong cups of Blue Bottle coffee back in 2013 when TJ Parker and I were having breakfast in Central Square. Having dipped his toe into the real estate business back in pharmacy school (in an effort to pay the bills), TJ was savvy to the process. He wanted a short-term place […]


I Believe in Running

September 2016 | by Colin Greenhalgh

We talk a lot about culture at T3. We worry about our own culture, have a business centered around bettering the culture of our clients, and as I write this I can genuinely say I am now better at my job because I have had the opportunity to work at T3.


Exploring Alternative Work Styles

June 2016 | by Maria DeFiglio

Many companies are exploring alternative work styles (AWS) as a way to increase their density without increasing their real estate footage. As a result, we have been seeing a lot of curiosity and questions regarding AWS, and how a company could successfully implement an AWS program.


BIG- the Boston Idea Group

April 2016 | by Andrew Grange

As the new Office Manager at the T3 Advisors Boston Studio, I was asked to be the new administrator for BIG (Boston Idea Group) on Basecamp. After learning more about the group, I realized this is and will continue to be a great asset for T3 Advisors as a company and also myself. BIG is a network […]


The 1 California Podcast with Scott Orn

April 2016 | by Caroline O'Loughlin

    Recently David Bergeron  joined Scott Orn, COO of Kruze Consulting, on his podcast, “The 1 California”  Kruze Consulting, founded by Scott’s fiancée Vanessa Kruze, is a CPA firm that specializes in financial and accounting services for startups. They handle accounting, bookkeeping, finance, HR, and tax for 165+ startups in San Francisco, Los Angeles, […]