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The intersection of real life and life sciences

June 2017 | by Austin Barrett

Early in my life, someone told me to seek out my passion and find a job that makes you want to get up early every morning. According to him, passion, zeal and the commitment to make an impact on the world should be the driving force of every man; not monetary gains as is commonplace […]


The CRITICAL FIVE Clean Room Characteristics to Save You TIME and MONEY

January 2013 | by admin

T3Man here with some important tips about saving time, money and keeping things neat and tidy.  Some companies need their office to be really clean.  No, I’m not talking about getting rid of that old sandwich in the lunchroom fridge (although that’s a good idea too.)  I’m talking about clean rooms needed by biotech, medical […]


The Realities of Real Estate Subleasing for Lab Users

May 2012 | by admin

There’s a goofy quote in the movie “Almost Famous” that pretty much reflects what many, if not most, development stage life science companies experience when looking for lab space.  Jimmy Fallon is courting the band (Stillwater) to be its new manager while explaining the lay of the land and where they’ve been led astray by […]


Lunch and Learn With KlingStubbins Architecture and Design Team

February 2012 | by admin

T3 team members had an opportunity this past week to sit with the KlingStubbins architecture and design team where the discussion focused primarily on trends being seen in the planning and design for lab space today versus what can be expected in the foreseeable future.  There was general consensus among the group on what continues […]


Valuation Vs. Geographic Location in the Life Science Industry

March 2011 | by admin

As far as most people are concerned, Biotech equals Cambridge and Cambridge equals Biotech.  I’m sure it comes as no surprise that many of the Massachusetts Life Science companies we work with have a strong desire to set-up shop in Cambridge. There are a multitude of logical reasons for the large cluster of Biotech companies […]