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The CRITICAL FIVE Clean Room Characteristics to Save You TIME and MONEY

January 2013 | by admin

T3Man here with some important tips about saving time, money and keeping things neat and tidy.  Some companies need their office to be really clean.  No, I’m not talking about getting rid of that old sandwich in the lunchroom fridge (although that’s a good idea too.)  I’m talking about clean rooms needed by biotech, medical […]


Talent Competition and the Allure of Creative Lab Space; Ping Pong Optional?

May 2011 | by admin

To varying degrees over the years, the itch for earlier stage technology companies to identify unique or “soulful” space has persisted through even the darkest of economic days.   Those strongly convinced the type of space they inhabit impacts company culture and success have undertaken some very creative endeavors to deliver functional and playful working environments […]