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Real Estate Technologies Continue to Evolve!

March 2016 | by Mark Cote

A major challenge for the real estate teams of all of our clients is scaling their organization to align with company growth, geographies, and change. There are three mechanisms to change the speed of scaling a real estate organization: add people, improve process, or implement technology. T3’s focus is on all three, but — generally speaking — the addition of people isn’t the answer and process change takes time. Often, smart technology can be the low-hanging fruit that can help scale quickly.


Rightsizing Real Estate for Cleantech Companies

May 2012 | by admin

When making real estate and facility decisions, cleantech companies need to make sure potential properties have appropriate facility infrastructure that supports their specific equipment and processes.  Ensuring that a building can support the power, HVAC and specialty infrastructure is about speaking the right language and knowing what questions to ask. T3 has recently completed several complex real […]


T3 West Attends the 2011 San Francisco Pitch Event

September 2011 | by admin

Excitement, energy, enthusiasm; three words to describe the atmosphere at the 2011 San Francisco Pitch event at AT&T Park attended by the T3 Advisors West Coast team (along with a special guest, T3’s East Coast team member Greg Hoffmeister). The San Francisco Pitch event provided close to 100 of the best and brightest emerging technology […]