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Corporate Real Estate and the Fundraising Cycle

Timing is everything: Corp Real Estate and the Fundraising Cycle

August 2015 | by Samantha Martz

Building a viable, successful startup is both an incredibly rewarding but always challenging endeavor. Business planning and execution requires not only a view of the current marketplace but also a keen understanding of where things are headed. And with this in mind, startups have to consider not only the required fundraising efforts but also the […]

Workplace Design Updates

Workplace Design Updates to Accommodate Growth

April 2015 | by Roy Hirshland

Congratulations! You’ve done it. You and your team have spent the past year planning and executing against a strategic real estate plan that has enabled you to secure that amazing new location in order to support and foster your unique, vibrant company culture. You’re in that new office and it’s so much better than your […]

Boston Tech Workplace Resolutions

Boston Tech’s Top Workplace Resolutions for 2015

February 2015 | by Greg Hoffmeister

Since T3 Advisors works with some of the most incredible technology companies on the planet, we thought it would be great to share some of their thoughts on how they plan to leverage the workplace to complement and elevate their corporate cultures this year. Here’s what they had to say: “We’re going to be expanding […]

The Co-Working Lifestyle

The Coworking Lifestyle

November 2014 | by Greg Bohenko

One major perk of being a part of the Innovation Community, whether in Boston, the Bay Area or really anyplace where innovative startup companies are coming together, is our ability to gather real-time insights about what works for startup and what doesn’t as it relates to the workplace. And one of the discussions that comes […]

Startup Office Trends on the Peninsula

Startup Office Trends on the Peninsula

October 2014 | by Bo McNally

If you’re a startup looking to locate your first headquarters on the Peninsula, you need some benchmarking data to help guide your search and provide some context. T3’s Startup Office Trends on the Peninsula report is a snapshot of data for average rents, lease terms and square footage in this geography. Here are some other […]