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Hiring Overseas? 5 Things to Consider.

September 2016 | by Emma Pina

Growth comes with international expansion. When companies think about going overseas, it is important to get a great understanding of the external environment and understand the foreign context in order to be successful, as there are factors that create both opportunities and threat. Some of those factors include labor laws, talent acquisition, language proficiency, business climate, intellectual property, access, and costs.


Lease Accounting Overhaul – Now is the Time to Prepare

January 2016 | by Tyler Hales

Last month the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) voted to proceed with a new lease accounting standard. While, it’s been a mundane subject for years, the time is near and we’re advising clients to prepare now.

The Hatch Fenway

The Hatch Fenway Launches!

October 2015 | by Roy Hirshland

Boston’s first “pop up” platform for scaling tech companies! Because our entire focus is on finding and securing real estate solutions for our clients that help them accelerate their growth, it’s not a surprise that we work with many rapidly scaling, venture backed companies. Yet while these companies are working hard to scale their business, […]

T3 Advisors' Preferred Partner Program

Announcing the T3 Advisors’ Preferred Partner Program

February 2015 | by Jon Frisch

As we work with rapidly growing technology startups in establishing new workplaces, some of the most common questions we get surround services and vendors that provide value and help them scale for success: What’s the best way to get some cool artwork with a limited budget? Where can I get business materials like business cards […]

Building an awesome workplace in Oakland

Building an awesome workplace in Oakland

December 2014 | by David Bergeron

Recently, I was out visiting with T3 client, GoldieBlox. In case you’re unfamiliar with GoldieBlox, it’s a company with a unique vision: to build toys that “disrupt the pink aisle” by introducing girls to engineering at a young age. With a little girl at home, I wholeheartedly embrace this vision and am so excited to […]