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Real Estate Technologies Continue to Evolve!

March 2016 | by Mark Cote

A major challenge for the real estate teams of all of our clients is scaling their organization to align with company growth, geographies, and change. There are three mechanisms to change the speed of scaling a real estate organization: add people, improve process, or implement technology. T3’s focus is on all three, but — generally speaking — the addition of people isn’t the answer and process change takes time. Often, smart technology can be the low-hanging fruit that can help scale quickly.

Technology and the Holidays

Tweeting During Thanksgiving? Technology & the Holidays

November 2015 | by Morgan Mosher

While at a recent event, an iPad on wheels photo-bombed our team picture. The iPad on wheels was being controlled by a stranger in his living room. I am sure he was very nice, and probably very comfortable, but his mobility, accessibility, and ambiguity put the silent photo-bomber in situations he would most likely never […]


LAUNCHspace: The Guide to Short-Term Office Space in the Bay Area

June 2012 | by admin

T3 Advisors is pleased to announce the unveiling of LAUNCHspace. Many early stage tech companies require short-term office space options.  We quickly became frustrated with the lack of centralized, quality information on this market, and realized that our clients must be feeling the same way.   Entrepreneurs need to be spending time growing their companies, not […]


Office Space for Boston Technology Companies – Unexpected Places

March 2012 | by admin

Recently, I was with a client in Boston helping them look for office space for their dynamically-growing technology company.  As is usually the case with tech companies, the focus was on “cool space.” That is, something with “character” (exposed brick and beam, open ceiling with exposed air ducts, hard wood flooring or exposed concrete) and with lots […]


The Resurgence of HealthCare IT and Emerging Tech Real Estate

February 2012 | by admin

This past month T3 Advisors attended the CEO Day at this year’s Health Innovation Summit in San Francisco.  The event was hosted by key sponsors Rock Health, Physic Ventures, FutureMed, Unilever and several others. Jennifer Aaker, a current Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business and recent author of The Dragon Fly Effect, kicked off […]