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Studio Success Story: Como Audio

December 2016 | by Chris Gorczyca

Como Audio has since “graduated” from T3’s studio and moved to The Innovation and Design Building in Boston’s Seaport District. Tom plans to continue to grow the company and create additional jobs in the city of Boston. We are so pleased to have been a part of his success!


We Need Another Hero.

September 2016 | by Graham Allison

Earmark a small percentage of space for the next generation of great companies, and provide it on a flexible basis. You won’t regret it. These companies lease space faster, work within re-usable layouts, create buzz and have the potential to grow into your traditional “anchor tenant” in the future.

Workplace Amenities: Food Service

Workplace Amenities: Food Service

April 2015 | by Caroline Quick

In my recent blog post, Identifying the RIGHT Workplace Amenities, I stressed the importance of making informed decisions about which perks make the most sense for your employees. And amongst all of the options out there – from massage therapy to onsite gyms to doggie daycare – there is no workplace offering that is more […]

corporate food service

The #RetroOffice: Corporate Food Service

March 2015 | by Roy Hirshland

“What’s the deal with all this free food?” the CEO grumbled to himself as he walked through the company ‘food experience zone.’ Rap music blared in the background. “How many millions am I spending on all this?” wondered the CFO. I remember the days when a cup of crappy coffee and free sugar was thought […]

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Identifying the RIGHT Workplace Amenities

February 2015 | by Caroline Quick

In Silicon Valley, where the quest for top talent is like trying to get the best parking space in a snowstorm (yes, that’s a shout out to my Boston colleagues who are getting pelted by snow this week), we hear a lot of discussion around workplace amenities. Tech companies like Google, Twitter, Salesforce, Facebook and […]