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Caroline Quick - Future Workplace Event

Join us! Future Workplace Event

May 2015 | by Caroline Quick

  Join me for the upcoming Umpqua Catalyst Series: Future Workplace – Rethinking Office Space to Cultivate Culture and Talent. We’ll have a lively discussion about creating strong companies through breakthrough office environments. Together, we’ll explore the question: “How do you create a space that will scale as quickly as your company?” We’ll discuss the power of […]

Workplace amenities

Identifying the RIGHT Workplace Amenities

February 2015 | by Caroline Quick

In Silicon Valley, where the quest for top talent is like trying to get the best parking space in a snowstorm (yes, that’s a shout out to my Boston colleagues who are getting pelted by snow this week), we hear a lot of discussion around workplace amenities. Tech companies like Google, Twitter, Salesforce, Facebook and […]