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Workplace Design Updates

Workplace Design Updates to Accommodate Growth

April 2015 | by Roy Hirshland

Congratulations! You’ve done it. You and your team have spent the past year planning and executing against a strategic real estate plan that has enabled you to secure that amazing new location in order to support and foster your unique, vibrant company culture. You’re in that new office and it’s so much better than your […]


BIM, CIC, Trends in Workplace Design

April 2011 | by admin

As part of T3 Advisor’s ongoing Lunch & Learn program, Rob Elfer and Michael Samra of studioTroikapresented case studies on the utilization of BIM (Building Information Modeling) as a tool for helping tenants improve the design process. Some of the major benefits of using BIM include: 3-D images to help clients visualize the space plan […]