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T3 has thoughtfully selected like-minded partners that service the innovation economy to provide additional value to our clients as part of the T3 experience.


For T3 Friends: One Free Month of enter

Enter is a visitor notification and check in system for businesses that don’t have an employee available to greet office visitors.  With a few easy steps, the visitor uses the iPad to notify the employee who receives a text message informing them of the guests arrival.  The system then tells the visitor where to wait and additional office information.  Enter is the easiest way to make your guests feel welcomed.

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Save 10% on Your First SWAG Order

BrandFuse is all about changing the way companies give stuff away. They are an agile team of savvy swag specialists who are leading with on-trend designs, quality products, and hip sales people. BrandFuse has partnered with T3 to offer T3 clients 10% off their first order.

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One Free Month of LeanBox

LeanBox offers a variety of fresh, healthy food and beverage services to support your employees in the workplace.  Give your employees the ability to purchase meals, snacks, & beverages for less than $5 through a hi-tech LeanBox refrigerator located right in your office. The LeanBox team keeps the refrigerator stocked by delivering food based on live data. As a T3 client, you can receive your first month of LeanBox service for free.

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MOO logo

Save 10% on Your First Order

MOO is an online design and print company passionate about helping businesses look their best. Give your business the impact it deserves with premium business cards from MOO. T3 Advisors has teamed up with MOO to give our clients 10% off products on the first order.

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Roomzilla logo

50% Off Your First Six Months of Room Scheduling Bliss!

At Roomzilla, we believe in building a solution driven by simplicity and customer feedback. Booking a meeting room should be quick and easy. Our seamless software blends into your workflow and gets you more out of your space. Roomzilla combines a website in harmony with onsite iPad displays to provide real-time access to reservation and availability information. T3 has teamed up with Roomzilla to offer our clients an exclusive 50% off for the first 6 months.

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Why get a bookkeeper when you can get a botkeeper?

botkeeper does everything a bookkeeper can do, only faster, 24/7, with more reporting and beautiful dashboards, and at a fraction of the cost. With the use of software and machine learning, botkeeper automates much of the day to day data entry, classification, and aggregation of information into reports while continuously improving and becoming more efficient over time. Best of all, it runs 24/7 so whether it’s late night, early morning, or over the weekend, your bookkeeping continues to get done, questions get answered, and reporting is provided. Knowing it is impossible to automate everything, all botkeeper clients are paired with a dedicated botkeeper CPA to provide a personal touch, advice, and quality assurance. This guarantees that the one off’s, fire drills, and various complexities of your accounting are always handled while also ensuring your books are accurate and up to date. The future of bookkeeping is here and it starts at $400 a month.*

*Promo code: *T3BOT for $400 in free bookkeeping

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TurningArt Logo

Free Art Installation

TurningArt is a national artwork rental service that can outfit your office with local artwork for a fraction of the cost of buying. TurningArt works with more than one thousand of today’s most talented painters, photographers, and mixed-media artists to provide its clients with a rotating collection of artwork that’s engaging and fresh. TurningArt has partnered with T3 Advisors to offer free art installation to anyone referred by T3.

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Free Month of Managed Web Services

T3 Advisors depends on WhatArmy to manage, fix and improve their website. Our Managed Web Services solution is like having a website insurance policy, making sure your web assets are updated, secure and fully functional. Our team of web experts partners with clients strategically and tactically, delivering ongoing managed services, improvements and quick fixes for all your web properties. WhatArmy is excited to team up with T3 Advisors to offer a free month of Managed Web Services to T3 Clients.

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